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Heritage Oils - Sandalwood Essential Oil - Queensland 10ml - Aroma Made Simple

Heritage Oils - Sandalwood Essential Oil - Queensland 10ml

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Sandalwood Essential Oil Queensland

Queensland Sandalwood - Santalum lanceolatum - grows in the dry climates of north/central Queensland. Lanceolatum does not grow as high as the typical Australian gums due to the extensively dry region in which it grows.

The trees are sustainably harvested with careful consideration to the rural environment.

The wood is chipped and steam distilled taking around 1 week to deliver a high quality oil for the essential oil, perfume and aromatherapy markets.

The essential oil is a light orange in colour, with a medium viscosity. Queensland Sadnalwood has the traditional fragrance of the sandalwood species with a sweet, floral note in contrast to the West Australian sandalwood which has a more woody/smokey aroma.

Queensland Sandalwood taken in the wild

Queensland sandalwood trees are carefully selected to ensure the best oil is produced. The availability of this oil is scarce as it expects a similar price to other sandalwood oils although the species is not so popular in the fragrance and cosmetic markets as other sandalwood oils.

Queensland Sandalwood essential oil is not readily available and supply is limited. It has known anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, giving a lovely addition to cosmetic oils and creams. Experience it in an aromatherapy massage oil or burner to relax and un-wind.

Santalum lanceolatum - high in cis-lanceol and cis-nuciferol   GC & MSDS available