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Heritage Oils - Parsley Herb Oil - Tasmanian 10ml - Aroma Made Simple

Heritage Oils - Parsley Herb Oil - Tasmanian 10ml

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Parsley Herb Oil - Tasmanian

Tasmanian Parsley Herb Oil - Petroselinum crispum - or Triple Curled Parsley. This esssential oil is sustainably grown and harvested on farms in the cool pristine environment of North-Eastern Tasmania.

The parsley leaves are steam distilled, producing an herbaceous odour of 'newly cut grass'. Pale yellow in colour. 

Used in ancient times due to its versatility as an agent for many ailments. Parsley herb oil is a known anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and rich in antimicrobial and astringent properties. 

Parsley Leaves

For Bodycare, always use with a carrier oil as a toner - massage into the face for around 30 minutes then rinse off. When massaged into the hair and scalp, Parsley Herb oil has been known to help prevent hair loss.

Parsley oil as a known anti-inflammatory, can help kill microbes, assist as a protection against infections and aid in the treatment of acne and pimples.

Avoid direct application on the skin. Always use a carrier oil and a skin test first in case of any reactions.

Store your oil in a cool dry area, away from the reach of small children. If sealed well parsley herb essential oil shold last for around 3 years.


Parsley Herb Oil consists mainly of: a-terpene, a-pinene, apiole, myristicine, glucoside apiin, palmitic acid. GC & SDS available on request.