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Heritage Oils - Palmarosa Essential Oil 10ml - Aroma Made Simple

Heritage Oils - Palmarosa Essential Oil 10ml

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Palmarosa Essential Oil

Heritage Oils Australian Palmarosa - Cymbopogon martinii - is common to tropical climates where water is abundant.

We are offering you the finest of Palmarosa oil, grown and processed in northern Queensland, Australia. As is common to our business protocol, we support small farmers and businesses and our Palmarosa is grown and harvested by a small farming family and one of the best varieties you can buy.

The oil is steam distilled by nearby landowners so everyone has share of the profits.

Australian Palmarosa has a light, grassy but floral note which works well as a finer aroma when diffused or used in a mister. Palmarosa deters insects - the farmers when they are managing the Palmarosa plantation do not get bitten by flying insects. They say they are not there. Palmarosa oil is also used as a light anti-bacterial and is commonly used in skin care products. Palmarosa blends well with other oils and is a great oil to use in a car diffuser as it's light aroma will not over-power the small area in the car.

Related to Lemongrass, and of a similar price, your Australia Palmarosa will be a special addition to your essential oil collection.

Not for ingestion. Be aware of its use if pregnant and do not use on children under 2. Keep your Palmarosa in a cool area, out of the reach of children.

GC on request.