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Heritage Oils - Orange Oil Sweet Australian - Aroma Made Simple

Heritage Oils - Orange Oil Sweet Australian

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Orange Oil Sweet Australian

Sweet Orange oil - citrus sinensis - is Cold Pressed from juicy sun ripened Valencia oranges grown in the extensive orange orchards under the pristine skies and clean fresh air of south eastern Australia.

Sweet orange oil is processed from the pith and peel of the fleshy oranges after the juice has been extracted. 

Due to its popularity and versatility as a relatively safe oil to use for many skin and body care products, Orange oil is one of the most sought after oils globally, with a forecast of increased growth in the next 8 years.

Large ripened Valencia Oranges ready for picking, juicing and pressing for oil
Orange oil provides an excellent blend for Aromatherapy massage oils and creams. The oil is deemed emotionally uplifting with its crisp/sweet aroma and provides immune support.  
If using Sweet Orange essential oil in a blend for vaporising, use sparingly as the aroma can dominate especially if you are using less fragrant oils. Blends well for a Xmas Pudding blend with clove, cinnamon, nutmeg and lemon. A popular blend for children who love that sweet aroma of rich juicy fruit.
As a soap: Mix Sweet Orange and Cinnamon with coconut and olive oil to produce a spicy soap for any occasion. You wouldwant to eat it!!!!!  
You rHeritage Oils Sweet Orange oilis graded for ingestion and can be used in food like muffins, cakes and stews. 
We firmly advise not to take Sweet Orange oil internally without dissolving in a little carrier oil first. The oil can be very strong and is highly concentrated, so definitely keep out of the reach of children. Even placing the oil in cold water to drink, the oil sits on top of the water and as oil is ligher thanwater, sits on top. You now have a highly concentrated oil which you are ingesting. It can burn the throat. 
Citrus oils have a life span which is much earlier than the essential oils so do not keep your oil for too long, take note of the 'best before' date on the label. Store in a cool place or the fridge if you live in a warm climate and make sure children do not have access to your precious bottle of Sweet Orange oil. 

The versatility of orange includes:

  • Used in Food and beverages
  • Blended in Body care products like soaps and hand creams
  • In a vaporiser, Sweet Orange Oil can make any room smell delicious
  • As an additive in products to provide a sweet aroma
  • The oil contains limonene so can be used as a cleaning product. Try adding a few drops to your steam cleaner, it will leave your floor clean and smelling fresh
  • Place a few drops of Sweet Orange oil to skirting board areas to deter ants and small insects from entering the home
  • Sweet Orange oil can help relieve nervous energy when inhaled
  • The oil is promoted as awakening, harmonising, sensual and joyful, leaving you with a feeling of happiness and warmth
  • A perfect addition to inhalers with eucalyptus oil as Orange essential oil works with the immune system


Citrus sinensis - high percentage of limonene. Registered food grade - signed certificate available from the distillers