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Heritage Oils - Chamomile Roman Essential Oil (5ml & 10ml)

Heritage Oils - Chamomile Roman Essential Oil (5ml & 10ml)

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Chamomile Roman Essential Oil – Anthemis nobilis – is the more popular chamomile oil often described as a middle note.

The Roman Chamomile plant is known to have a caring and protecting reputation as it grows with other plants where it is sometimes referred to as the ‘plants’ physician’.

Roman Chamomile is widely used to assist in addressing anxiety, insomnia, treating shock and for calming. This special oil has been used by those who follow natural healing for hundreds of years.

The flowers are steam distilled but due to the large amount of floral resource that has to be distilled to gain enough volume of oil, makes Roman Chamomile a more expensive oil. However, if used with caution it should last a long time.

Chamomile Roman Essential Oil is known to be extremely gentle and therefore safe to use on babies and young children. It has been known to be used in hospitals and birthing clinics to keep babies calm if suffering from colic or restlessness, often blended with pure lavender.

Roman Chamomile is gentle on the skin, blending well with many other oils if you are protecting your skin from free radicals or restoring irritation which may occur with our busy days at work in closed environments.

With a blend of lavender and a little eucalyptus, Roman Chamomile provides the basis for a cleansing bath oil. And if used with German Chamomile you will have a beautifully effective blend for both body and mind.

Although there is no known serious reactions from Roman Chamomile, it is best to keep out of the reach of children, seek medical advice if you are pregnant or not sure about how to use the oil, do not ingest and store below 30° which will help keep your oil in good condition.

Major plant chemical compounds in Roman Chamomile are Farnesol, transpinocarveol, pinocarvone