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Heritage Oils - Chamomile German Blue Essential Oil 10ml - Aroma Made Simple

Heritage Oils - Chamomile German Blue Essential Oil 10ml

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Chamomile German Blue Essential Oil – Matricaria chamomilla – is classified as the Hungarian Type and one of the only essential oils carrying an intense blue colour. This deep rich blue colour is caused by the chamazulene and matricin during the steam distillation.

This type of Chamomile essential oil is grown in the southern regions of Europe

Chamomile German Blue Essential Oil is steam distilled from the Chamomilla Recutita Flower which is related to the sunflower family. There is solvent distilled German Chamomile oil available on the market.

Chamomile German Blue Essential Oil has many uses in body care, aromatherapy and can be blended with many essential oils to add to the potency of your blend. It is known to lift your mood in times of stress and depression with it’s sweet/heady note. The oil is popular as a toner and as it penetrates the skin can help to reduce dryness though try a skin test first if applying to the skin.

Chamomile German Blue Essential Oil can increase the shine in your hair and its tone by using a few drops as a scalp massage and leaving preferably overnight for better results. This method of indulging your hair can be used with added Rosemary essential oil and/or lavender.

Use as a relaxing oil on pulse points or in a dampened cloth to relieve tension. And if blended with Roman Chamomile you will have a sensational product to sooth both body and mind.

This essential oil is known to be relatively safe to use for small children though always try on the child first in case there may be a reaction.

Store your oil in a cool place below 30°, do not ingest unless advice has been sought from an appropriate practitioner,

The major compounds of German Chamomile sesquiterpenes, chamazulene, furfural, proazulenes