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Heritage Essential Oils - Peppermint Essential Oil - Tasmanian 10ml - Aroma Made Simple

Heritage Essential Oils - Peppermint Essential Oil - Tasmanian 10ml

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Peppermint Essential Oil - Tasmanian

Peppermint Essential Oil - Mentha x piperata - is sustainably grown and managed on farms in the pristine environment of the Tasmanian highlands as an intensive 'farm crop'. The plant is the Black Mitcham cultivar which delivers a very uplifting and rich aroma.

Peppermint essential oil was one of the first oils steam distilled on the beautiful island of Tasmania in the late 1970's. Due to the ideal growing conditions for peppermint in Tasmania, the species has maintined its original genetics and complexity.

The peppermint plant is classified as a herb, with dark green fleshy leaves which are steam distilled, producing a penetrating, rich and deeply fragrant peppermint note. Tasmanian Peppermint essential oil is 100% pure peppermint. Heritage Oils has sourced it as the best available. By using this sensational and volatile essential oil, you will learn of its versatility and experience its purity and effectiveness of being both cooling and warming.

Tasmanian Peppermint

Peppermint esssential oil is a 'must have' for every household. This versatile essential oil can be used as a soothing foot bath, reducing headaches, improving digestive problems, assisting in reducing allergies, fungus and even itching. It is high in menthol so a good 'first aider' - inhale to reduce sinus problems from colds and flu.

For mild pain relief, peppermint oil is known to be used as a mild anaesthetic and an anti-spasmodic. Used in an aromatherapy massage cream or oil, peppermint oil's cooling affect helps reduce some pain, producing an aroma which can be very comforting.

Peppermint essential oil is a spiritual oil which, although named to be uplifting and energizing, a few drops in a diffuser or vaporiser can be calming. Blended with other oils like Lavender, citrus or even Buddhawood can deliver a unique aroma in your home or office. 

Using 4-6 drops in a 100ml spray with purified water, peppermint will help to remove insects especially spiders. Spray around their entry/exits, or a place a few drops on a tissue in your letterbox will deter any insects and even snails which tend to eat the corners of envelopes.

Use as a room or car spray to reduce lingering odours, or as a refreshing cooling spritzer in summer.

We use a few drops of Tasmanian Peppermint essential oil in our Tranquility to aid relaxation. Peppermint oil blends well but use sparingly as the strong aroma tends to dominate.

For external use, it is recommended you use a minimum amount of Tasmanian Peppermint essential oil diluted, as it is very strong and can change the odour profile of a home made product by hiding other aromas.

Do not apply directly on to the skin, use with a carrier oil - for mild joint and muscle pain we recommend Calendula oil.

Tasmanian Peppermint oil can be used on animals and pets. Safe for children in a dilution. Store in a dry area away from light and small children. If stored correctly this product should last around 3 years. 


Mentha x piperata - high percentage of menthol - 46.8%, 21.9% menthone, 3.7% menthyl acetate, 5.05% cineol - the chemical profile of Tasmanian Peppermint essential oil can change slightly in different harvesting and seasonal conditions.  GC & MSDS available on request. Registered food grade