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LUXE Aroma Diffuser - Remote Control

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Your Aroma Remote Control Diffuser is designed for supreme relaxation. Adapted to power, use the remote control to power your diffuser when placed on a flat surface. The light gives off a glow when the water powers from the centre of the unit.

Your Aroma Remote Control Diffuser or humidifier is an electric device which uses ultrasonic waves to vaporise water and your favourite essential oils and oil blends to produce a cool dry fragrant mist.

Place water into the bowl up to the level indicated and sprinkle in your favourite essential oils or oil blends. Use any amount which suits you up to 6-8 drops would be adequate. Your choice. The vapour is constant and you can time the operation for 1,3, and 6 hours. Use indoor or outside.

With the tidy flat design, your remote Control diffuser is suitable for any room in the house, office, hospital or school room which has become popular with teachers. A diffuser gently working beside a hospital bed helps generate peace and tranquillity to patients as long as you have permission to use them in public areas.

The Aroma Remote Control Diffuser auto powers off if the water runs out. Do not over-fill or your diffuser won’t work so you must follow the directions carefully to ensure longevity of your diffuser.

Because the operation is ultra-sonic the water is constantly cold. In the event that the diffuser is tipped over, the water will not burn so safe for pets and children. However, to avoid any mishap it is best to keep your diffuser away from little hands and paws. With the temptation to smell the vapour, make sure you supervise children.

The Aroma Remote Control Diffuser comes with a comprehensive user manual and if you follow the directions your Remote Control Diffuser should last a you long time.

The design makes a perfect addition to your room as it looks like a wooden diffuser with the wood grains delicately defined on the stem of the diffuser.