Himalayan Pink Salt Body Soap Bar | 1 to 5 per pack

Himalayan Pink Salt Body Soap Bar | 1 to 5 per pack

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Our Himalayan salt soap and massage bars are high quality products made from world purest natural Himalayan salt crystals mined in Pakistan. Himalayan salt soap and massage bars are unique skin care products. 100% natural salt with 84 trace elements perfectly balances the chemistry of the human body.

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Feel free to choose from the WHITE or PINK rock cuts which essentially will have the same benefits however are cut out from different parts of the rock mines.
Buy 2 or more and get a discount. Choose from our "DISCOUNT PACK" offers.
Please note that the colour shades of the salt may vary as it is a natural product.

How To Use

Our Himalayan natural salt skin care products are 100% natural and free from chemicals. These can be used directly on the skin, however, be gentle as it can be abrasive to sensitive skin. For young and sensitive skin, salt crystal soap and massage bars is best used wrapped in a soft cloth or face washer. Himalayan salt soap and massage bars can be rubbed in hands to apply to the face or skin for the same effect. No soap should be used with salt soap and massage bars.

The Salt Crystal Soap bar will last longer if you remove it from the shower after each use.

Our Himalayan Salt Products

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