8 Stage Benchtop Water Filters | 14L to 28L Available - Aroma Made Simple
8 Stage Benchtop Water Filters | 14L to 28L Available - Aroma Made Simple
8 Stage Benchtop Water Filters | 14L to 28L Available - Aroma Made Simple
8 Stage Benchtop Water Filters | 14L to 28L Available - Aroma Made Simple

8 Stage Benchtop Water Filters | 14L to 28L Available

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Using the latest filtration technology, our 8 Stage Purifier Benchtop Water Filter can be used at your home, office and at schools and provides the purest drinking water.

The 8 stage filtration system is specially designed to purify your drinking water to the optimum level. The 8 stages assure your water is free of organic contaminants, lead and all bacteria in addition to being softened & pH stabilised. No more germs, no more rust, no more bacteria, no more bad taste, just drinking water at its finest, and for a fraction of the cost of a bottled water addiction.

Please take care of not overfilling the water filter tank.

8 Stages Of The Filtration Process

  1. Ceramic filter: The main content of the ceramic filter consists of highly compressed ceramic diatom, its competent resistants is increased through high temperature and quality manufacture. It functions as a filter for dirt solids and dangerous bacteria such as typhoid, cholera, bilharzia and amoebas.
  2. Activated Carbon and Silver Activated Carbon: Removes chlorine, THMs, organic chemicals and unpleasant odours and colours, the end results are pure, crystal clear mineral water.
  3. WMSM-300 (Material with a sterilising power): The material kills and bacteria and prevents the water PH storage tank from re-pollutions.
  4. Silica Sand: Removes acidic components from the water and thereby brings about a PH balance.
  5. Zeolite: Removes heavy metal such as lead, mercury, gold and silver. Heavy metals can accumulate in our bodies, high levels of heavy metals lead to a wide range of terminal illnesses.
  6. Mineral Sand: Releases minerals, adjusts the PH of water to mild alkaline which helps restore the PH balance of the body fluid.
  7. Water Tap: Magnetised water has free moving molecules just like mineral spring water. This promotes health and vitality and imparts many therapeutic properties.
  8. Mineral Stone: Mineral stone are mined between 330 and 600 meters below sea level on an unpolluted resource. The mineral stone contains Germanium, which promotes health and prevents cancer. Germanium also absorbs heavy metal, toxins, odours and impurities. They continuously release more than 20 kinds of ionised minerals for 5 years, gradually depleting in size the highly porous mineral stone aid in the oxygenation of water and in the adjustment of the PH of water to mild alkaline.


  • Type: Activated Carbon
  • Use: Household / Office Pre-Filtration
  • Capacity: 10-28 Litres Total Capacity (Choose Your Size)
  • Popular design, easy for drinking clean water, with 7 grade filtration system
  • Five-layer Cartridge material
  • Activated Carbon
  • Mineralising ball
  • Resin
  • Mineral stone
  • Sand & Quartz

Following are the assembled dimensions of our Benchtop water filters for your reference:

  • 10L: 28X28X58 cm
  • 14L: 29X29X60 cm
  • 16L: 32X32X60 cm
  • 22L: 32x30x64 cm
  • 24L: 35x26x67 cm
  • 28L: 37x31x69cm

We also provide all replacement filters, feel free to check out our store.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  • Does the unit come with all filters included?
    • The unit comes full and ready to go, it includes all filters.
  • How many litres of water does the unit filter?
    • The main filter can filter anywhere from 500L to 1,000L depending on the quality of the water.
  • Do we sell the replacement filters?
    • We sell all replacement filters in packages, bulk discounts, etc.

If you require any further information or have any questions, feel free to message us.